We stock more than 40 different blends of coffee beans as well as flavoured desert coffees, a selection of Nespresso-compatible coffee pods and a choice variety of specialist coffees- something for every taste and requirement! 

Equipment and Accessories

Our wide range of coffee equipment and accessories ensure that you can prepare your cup of coffee using your preferred brewing method, or experiment with new and exciting ways of creating the perfect cup. Whether you are a professional barista  or an amateur coffee lover, we have the tools you need!

Automatic Coffee Machines

Jura coffee machines are widely regarded as among the finest available. With Jura Automatic coffee machines you can enjoy a perfect cup of freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button, perfectly and consistently brewed to your specifications. From your home environment to small offices and even large commercial environments, Jura has a coffee machine that will meet your needs.

Coffee Tasting Experiences

 Whether you want to learn more about coffee and its different flavour profiles, brewing methods, roasting methods, or you just want to spend a fun evening with friends enjoying some superb coffee, this is the perfect way to enjoy a coffee experience!

Roasting Profiles

Brewing Methods

Flavour Profiles